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How it works


Payment Links

Generate and share payment link via email, SMS, messenger etc. and get paid immediately. Accepting payments is now just a link away.

  • Create a Payment Link.
  • Share the Payment link via email, SMS, messenger etc.
  • Get Paid.




Per transaction as fee to process payments for hotels

1000 USD

Amount to be charged

970 USD

To your account

30 USD

Processing Fee

If the total amount to be charged from the user is 1000 USD, 970 USD is sent you to your bank account in T(transaction date)+2 days. 30 USD is charged by Renzo as payment handling fees.

  • No setup fee.
  • No installation fee.
  • No AMC.
  • No charge for links.

We keep it simple and easy.


Ditch the chaos.

Spreadsheets, Sticky notes and E-mail they are great tools but not for what you want. They take time and make it hard for you to work.

Your Job shouldn't be boring, it should be fun and easy.

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