Payments. Just collect it.

Power your payment with all essentials off the shelf.

How it works


Never miss a Payment

Give your customer(s) payment option(s), don't let payment options limit your income.

Choose a mode(s) of payment as per your need.

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Point of Sales Terminal
  • Online Payment
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Keep it digital

Paper can fade and become illegible, but digital records never disappear. Store everything you need digitally.

  • Attach receipts
  • Collect signature from guests.
  • Record mode of payment(s).
  • Create reference note(s).

Ditch the chaos.

Spreadsheets, Sticky notes and E-mail they are great tools but not for what you want. They take time and make it hard for you to work.

Your Job shouldn't be boring, it should be fun and easy.

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