Create and Manage Bookings with Ease

Easiest way to manage bookings and guests.

How it works


Booking Lookup

Before making a booking a lookup is made to ensure property meets requirements and can take the booking.

Booking lookup needs the following data

  • Check-In and Check-Out dates
  • Number of Rooms
  • Room Type

Booking Order

The system calculates and displays the detailed order summary for booking(s) from the preset prices in the package, any changes if required can be made; discounts or offers can be added.

The following changes are possible

  • Override booking total with a new total (Inc Tax or Exc Tax).
  • Add customer tax number
  • Discount for individual item or entire order.

Ditch the chaos.

Spreadsheets, Sticky notes and E-mail they are great tools but not for what you want. They take time and make it hard for you to work.

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